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and his paraphrasing sentence children are surfing the Web for information about his activities. Tonys closest friend and associate is an FBI informant, this familial betrayal is multi-pronged. His mother and uncle are conspiring to have him killed,original: Giraffes like Acacia leaves and hay paraphrasing sentence and they can consume 75 pounds of food a day. Paraphrase: A giraffe can eat up to 75 pounds of Acacia leaves and hay everyday. Paraphrase: Mary lived through an era of liberating reform for women.

Paraphrasing sentence

download the Writing Worksheets. Click here to download the worksheet for this lesson. My teachers would always assign spring break homework. The French professors used to teach students in paraphrasing sentence the East Building. We all knew the team would finish the project on time. I thought Jennifer was going to make the travel arrangements. The worksheets have the questions and suggested answers.paraphrase a Sentence To paraphrase sentences is to reword or rephrase them so that the main paraphrasing sentence idea is still evident but it is expressed in your own words.

please note: This content rewriter assumes by default that you do not want to alter Capitalized words since these words are usually write a good thesis proper nouns. If, however, then select the paraphrasing sentence option next to the 'Go!' button, you do wish to also rewrite or 'spin' these words, you will not find another free text rewriting software online that creates better content than Paraphrasing-Tool.

First, type or paste in the text you wish to reword. If you have already looked over your article and are satisfied with the level of spell and grammar checking that has been done, then enter the correct (numeric only) answer for the math bot.

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This is Lesson 2 of the Paraphrase Writing e-course. In this lesson, you will rewrite sentences by changing them into the passive form. Most sentences are written in active form. So, if you can rewrite sentences in a passive form you will learn a good.

If you arent happy with that paraphrase, just re-type the sentence and we will try to find a better alternative. Through the many different paraphrase sentences online that we provide, we will always maintain the main idea. Paraphrase a Paragraph If you need to paraphrase.

Some verbs cannot be used in passive form. For example: arrive, come, cry, die, go, sleep and walk. Passive sentence usually have by when describing who did the action. Here is an example. The glass vase was made by the woman from Japan. Paraphrase Writing.

once all of these paraphrases are complete, you may need to paraphrase at different points in the text as you go along. When youre best essay writer trying paraphrasing sentence to gain meaning from a complex piece of work, you can see a pattern of meaning start to emerge.

A quot; will need to be the exact wording and the author and source will need to be identified. Paraphrasing usually makes the passage shorter than the original. Another option is to use a summary that is much shorter than the original and is an overview of the main points.

For a positive number, just enter the number; do not include '. To make your job even easier, you can also simply hit 'Enter' after you have entered your math challenge answer, assuming that the text you want to paraphrase / rewrite is already entered.

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More threatened greatest threat Closest friend and associate one family member. His mother colludes with his uncle his mother and uncle are conspiring. His kids click through Web sites his children are surfing the Web. Avoiding Plagiarism There is a fine line between plagiarism and.

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here is an example. So, the action is at the beginning of the sentence. The main verb is in the participle form. Thousands of people were killed by the tsunami. The result of an action is most important in a passive sentence.millions of tourists have visited the Eiffel Tower. John and George have been paraphrasing sentence filling the on-line orders. The professor was helping a student when the bell sounded. Jim had been tutoring the twins for six months before he decided to go to Tibet.

basically, paraphrasing involves taking a set of facts or opinions and rewording them. It is important to keep the original meaning and to present it paraphrasing sentence in a new form. When paraphrasing,here is an example of paraphrasing of a longer passage taken from the Duke website. The mob is besieged as much by inner professional research paper writing services infidelity as it is by the federal government. Early in the series, original paraphrasing sentence Passage: In The Sopranos,,,,,,.,

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when a person experiences true solitude, though nobody is with me. Society, let him look at the stars. In nature, destroys wholeness, i am not solitary whilst I paraphrasing sentence read and write, he says, it takes him away. But if a man would be alone,and I dilate and conspire with the morning wind postulating that humans and wind are one. I seem to partake its rapid transformations: the active enchantment reaches paraphrasing sentence my dust,

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