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Ap chemistry help online

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2.6 Intermolecular forces and properties ap chemistry help online of the substance. 2.5 Types of intermolecular forces. Polar forces and hydrogen bonding, london Dispersion forces, vapor pressure, viscosity, polar and non polar molecules, capillary action, solubility and deviation from the ideal behavior. Dipole moment. Boiling point surface tension,

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2.8 Lewis diagram, use of VSEPR model to determine molecular geometry, shape, bond angles, dipole moment, bond lengths and bond energies. Limitation of Lewis diagrams. Hybridization sp, sp2 and e of hybridization in predicting the molecular geometry and bond angles. 2.9 Molecular orbital theory and understanding of sigma and pi bonds. 2.10 Types of solids, Ionic solids, covalent solids, metallic solids,and molecular solids.

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Big Idea 2 : Solids, Liquids and Gases 2.1 Explanation of the states of matter on the basis of Inter-molecular forces of attraction, kinetic energy and temperature. Viscosity, surface tension and change in heat for mixing for liquids. Crystalline and amorphous forms of solids, Heating.


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Ap chemistry help online

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